Tips for Fast Hair Growth

Tips for Fast Hair Growth

One might wonder if there really are some tips for fast hair growth. Are there any specialized products? Can eating a specific kind of food and taking multiple supplements make hair grow faster? Can different types of hair treatments and medication really increase the hair growth rate? There is no doubt that genetic play a key role in determining the type and the rate of hair growth but still there are many other factors that prove their impact when it comes to make hair grow faster. Hair grows approximately 15 centimeters every year, however, you might feel that your hair takes forever to grow longer and thicker. Let’s talk about some tips that might help.

Tried and Tested Tips for Fast Hair Growth

Trim your hair regularly. Frequent trimming will not make your hair grow faster but will make the process easy by reducing the split ends.

Use fewer chemicals on your hair, lesser the chemical treatments on your hair the faster the growth of your hair will be. Excessive use of heat and chemicals on your hair will compromise the health and in the end growth of your hair.

Distribution of natural oils in your hair. It might seem a very small thing but brushing your hair before going to bed is very healthy and nourishing, starting from your scalp to your hair ends. Brushing frequently increases the blood circulation resulting in a healthier scalp.

To reinforce hair growth a balanced diet is very important including high intakes of proteins mainly. In addition, vitamin E, A, zinc, iron and omega 3 fatty acids should be part of one’s diet.

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Avoid brushing wet hair instead brushing your hair prior to shampooing is a far better idea or just wait until your hair are properly dried up. It is also a advisable to apply a leave on serum and brushing your hair with a wide tooth comb.

The Bottom Line

In view of above, it can be easily ascertained that hair growth is as much connected to a person’s DNA as to the protein diet taken by him. These factors play a huge role in growth of hair. By boosting one’s protein/vitamin intake, one can have a great impact on growth of his hair.