Tips to Choose Personal Haircut for Your Face Shape

Tips to Choose Personal Haircut for Your Face Shape

As said by many, the hidden rule to a perfect hair cut basis on two things. First of all, the face shape must be taken into consideration before choosing the haircut. Then come the hair texture and hair type.  One must keep the hair’s surface in mind as every haircut doesn’t go easy with every hair kind. 

Then again, you can pick the most flattering haircut for you, but if that doesn’t mesh with your face, it won’t be all you’ve ever wished for. Rather than choosing the latest fashion, consider choosing a design that matches your facial features better. No matter what the face shape is, use these tips to select a unique haircut for your face shape. The correct hairstyle will beautifully frame and stabilize it even when showing your most delicate features.

Flattering Haircut

Tips to Choose Personal Haircut for Your Face Shape

Rectangle Face:  Lay cuts and waves that are gentle with round bangs.

Oval Face: Sharp bobs containing thin layers or hairstyles with long curls look pretty on this face type.

Square Face: Side-shaped haircuts with wide and loose curls are among the most flattering haircut for a square face.

Heart Face: Hairstyles containing long side-swept cuts or curls are perfect for this face shape. Hairstyle hanging below the jawline also adds to this face shape’s beauty.

Diamond Face: A face shape complements hairstyles with long or medium lengths. Ponytails are also a yes for this face shape.

Round face: This face shape is effortless to go and goes very well with short-sided bangs and long cuts with curls.

Most Flattering Haircut for You

Unfortunately, there is no unanimous hairstyle that is a “go-go” for every face type. However, layers and bangs can be the most flattering haircut for you as they accommodate every face shape with minor changes and adjustments. A good idea would be to consult a hairdresser before choosing a trendy haircut for possible alterations to suit your face type.